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so you want to create a WEB or a WAP site, or to make its reconstruction, or promotion

Good morning!
If you visit us, it means that you want to create a WEB or a WAP site for your company, or to make its reconstruction, or promotion.
Or now existing site doesnt carry out the main purpose, (it doesnt advertise) to advertise your production or services properly.
We understand that your site is a first talk with a potential client.
We know how to make it to cause trust, to be maximum convenient and functional both(as/as) for you and your client and partners.
Well create a WEB or a WAP site with a unique design that will be attractive not only visually but also psychologically, proceeding from advertising and business tasks of your company.
Well install all necessary blocks and sections, and will provide with all functions for a independent(privet) management:
  • Control system of sections and divisions of a web site
  • Updating of pages and articles of a web site
  • Internet - shop with catalogues of any "depth"
  • News line
  • Photo gallery
  • Interrogations and votings
  • Forum, the guest book
  • The full statistics of visitings of a web site and pages
  • Forms of interaction with visitors of a web site
  • Searching mechanism
  • System of calculation "online" for services and goods
  • Other necessary program modules
We can guarantee:
  • We wont offer a product that obviously is expensive or isnt necessary, having taken advantage of possible lack of information or not competence of you
  • All design is created manually, without using the programs of automatic imposition and free-of-charge clipparts, that makes it a unique one
  • Our programmers optimize program modules for each site and furnish it for each concrete design that is approved and accepted, it makes breaking of a site by competitors or malefactors impossible
  • We test and check each web site until all mistakes and failures are eliminated. Only after that the delivery of works takes place
  • All our sites are correctly displayed in any operational systems and browsers
  • Well give you a guaranty for our work and well undertake to support technically a site during all term of its service
  • Well teach you and your employers to manage your site, update it and make advertising companies (if you order a web site with a management system)
We respect our clients, always try to find an individual approach to everyone. We care of our clients and help them to be the best!