создание сайтов, как создать свой сайт в интернете, готовый сайт
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готовый сайт, как создать свой сайт в интернете, создание сайта
создание сайтасоздание сайта
создание сайтасоздание сайта
создание сайтасоздание сайта

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  Our technologies

  We program and create web and wap sites of any complexity, using any known programming languages, any graphic tools and appendices, also any animation packages, according to our professional sight or to your wish.

  The list of our opportunities: PHP, Perl, HTML, XHTML, XML, VRML, CSS, ASP, JSP, Java, JavaScript, MS SQL, C/C++, JDK, Python, Parser, WML, базы данных MySQL, PostgreSQL, Access, MS SQL Server, SSL, Apache, Omni, OmniHTTPD, PhotoShop, ACDSee, Corel, Flash, Auto Cad, 2D, 3D Studio MAX, Maya, LightWare.
  If you have found any blank in the list it probably means that we have just forgotten to include something.
We want to tell you about using 3D schedule and effects in design:
For a long time 3D schedule was trying to get accustomed on the web sites and Internet but if earlier it was like shy attempts, today it is real because of the technology “Viewpoint Experience Technology” (VET). If you plan to work in any of the following directions, our services are for you(we are for you):
  • Training
  • Internet commerce
  • Architecture and design of an interior
  • Detailed elaboration of the image
  • Bank of three-dimensional models